Is a slouchy sense of elegance even possible? With the Sahara Wave Texture Dress, it most certainly is. This dress is characterized by a beautiful black and white gradient of color, along with ¾ sleeves, and cuffs that match the overall print. The print and cuff are contrasted superbly by black along the line of the shoulders. This dress very much resembles a shirt or dress, which is the simplistic beauty of its appeal and presentation. This dress is compatible with virtually any figure and creates a rather narrow silhouette with its exceedingly loose fit. Both the sleeves and the hem itself are loosely contoured to the body. This dress is composed of 100% polyester and has a subtle stretch creates an easy, comfortable fit. From the frontal view, this dress is almost rectangular in shape.

How To Wear It

This casual dress may not suit upscale gatherings, but it can most certainly amplify the potential of your fashion sense. One of the cutest, everyday ensembles that you can create with this dress simply involves pairing the Sahara Wave Texture Dress with a pair of high heel, camel booties, and an oversized handbag in virtually any color. For an extra pop, try a purple, blue, or red handbag. Otherwise, a neutral tone is just fine. Another great way to spice up this dress is by adding ripped leggings and thigh high boots underneath. Not only would this further texture the outfit, but it would add dimension, transform the dress into a tunic temporarily, and open you up to a slew of different possibilities. This type of look is the archetypal image of a bad girl, because nothing screams everyday bad girl louder than a shirt dress, thigh high boots, and ripped leggings.

Wear a cropped, vibrantly colored jacket, sweater or coat. The black and white gradation of color would contrast beautifully with purple, red, blue, green and even yellow. Furthermore, do not limit yourself to a neutral colored handbag either. Add an extra fun kick to your dress by wearing it with a thin, camel colored waist belt.

For a sultry, evening look, wear this dress with a leather or faux leather jacket, along with a thin, sequined belt, large clutch bag, suede, charcoal grey thigh high boots, and leggings. To accentuate the appeal of your dress, use a vividly colored handbag instead. Alternatively, you can skip the leggings and boots, and simply wear a pair of pumps along with the dress.

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